Creacious Custom Design and Brand Marketing


“Creacious” is the combination of the base word “create” along with the suffix “-cious” which means full of. Creacious is full of creations. We specialize in professional and affordable design services for talent agencies, talent management, casting directors, modeling agencies, theaters, recording studios, production studios, record labels, all of the many crew positions within the entertainment industry.

Whether you need to tape an audition, or create a website to show off your business, Creacious can help.

Creacious has been designing and marketing for the entertainment industry for a combined 10 years. Our extensive knowledge comes from playing many creative roles, including (but not limited to): actinggraphic design, printing & pre-press, business management, production design, video and audio editing and music creation. We were even in a band together.

You will be spoiled by our one-on-one interaction, attention to detail and commitment to making you look good. Our knowledge in creating graphic design for prepress, web, advertisements & other mediums is exceptional and extensive.

creacious is full of creative services for the entertainment industry

Actors! You need to put together a reel. You need a website. You know that people need to find you. Don’t stress about it. Let us help you. Image is everything and we’ll make sure you get your work out there. We can help you captivate your audience and self-promote online and on the street.

Producers! Directors! Grips! Script Supervisors! We all know how important networking is in this industry. That’s great that you can talk about your amazing projects. But wouldn’t it be nice to hand over a business card that leads to a website that matches your stories? We know you’re busy, so let us help you behind the scenes.

We’ll help you stand out and express your unique qualities in various mediums. Be yourself with Creacious!